Escape From Opleidingen by Jay Raso

“Jolly Ole Deeper” by Jay Raso is a really fun book to read and I enjoyed it so much that I got it for my wife. She has this compulsion about reading something that is fun to read, but if you are not kids, women and romance reader then you may want to think twice about this one.

“Escape From Opleidingen” is a fun adventure book that brings in some nice twists and turns. The story starts off with you thinking that the bad guy is dead and you can be rest assured, he is not. What follows is a high-octane chase.

After escaping from Opleidingen, Lucy follows the villain, but there are others who want her back. She finds out that it was not the villain that took her from the town, but another nefarious villain. Soon, after that she finds herself and the villain locked in a tete-a-tete and has to help the rest of the group make their escape while the villains are busy dealing with each other.

The nice thing about this book is that there is so much action and suspense that it keeps you reading even after the first half is over. It is a good idea to come back to it when you have a little time and space to devote to it. You may even find yourself reading on after the first half.

If you love a good plot and have a book club, this is the book for you. I am not sure why Raso includes all of the best-selling books of the last ten years in the book. His do it all fantasy novel, “The Moonstone Chronicles” does seem a little crowded.

The nice thing about the series is that is taking place in three different time periods, none of which is set in recent times. It takes place in an alternate world called “The Goblin Kingdom” where all of the fictions and concepts revolve around magical creatures and places. In this world, all manner of creatures including wolves, dragons, alligators, chimpanzees, and wolves live and work side by side with humans and mermaids.

Another land that we see is Marsa. Here it is dark and stormy and the people live by a strict code of laws, but they also face an enemy that would like nothing more than to take over their planet.

Raso’s novel takes place in North Africa and in a similar time frame as Lord of the Rings, “Dark Knights” takes place in medieval times. As you can see, it can get confusing reading his work, but once you get to the end, it all makes sense.

The plot continues in an all new way, as it seems that the Golden Gate Bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Empire State Building are now in another time period. Again, the characters will find themselves in the middle of battle and fighting what seems to be a war. It will be exciting to find out that the action takes place in the present day as well as in a future that is ten or twenty years from now.

I really enjoyed the story of the child protagonists and their search for their identity. Each character has an interesting story line that keeps them in the story and moving along at a good pace.

Jay Raso really has a knack for writing about children, or rather about childhood. He does an excellent job of blending different aspects of his work together and making each piece a worthwhile read. This book offers a great adventure for children, but it also is full of adult perspective.

This is a fun and entertaining adventure book for young readers, but you may find that you enjoy the adult style of the story. If you are going to read this book, be prepared to get sucked into the action and then go back and read about Lucy and her group of friends.